YouTube Channels

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100 Lyric - Biochemistry, Biology, Medicine

360 Ed M Laurence - Biology (Animations)

5 Minute School - Anatomy and Physiology (also has a Web Site with Biochemistry, Chemistry)

7 Active Studio - Biology, Chemistry, Physics


Aaron E - Biochemistry

Abity - Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmacology, and many other subjects (includes numbered series and full-length lectures)

Abnova - Biotechnology (includes lab techniques)

Academy Plus - Chemistry )indludes numbered series)

acr92651 - Lab Techniques

Kevin Ahern - BB450 - BB451 - Biochemistry (includes numbered series of full lectures) - Also has related lecture slidesHere Here  Here and Here

Imad Haidar Ahmad - Analytical Chemistry And Chromatography For Graduate Students (All course lectures)

aikora666 - Biology, Chemisty

Ajlatos - Biochemistry, Genetics


AK Lectures

A Level Chemistry Revision Videos / Allery Tutors - Chemistry

Alila Medical Media - Anatomy & Physiology, Genetics

American Society for Microbiology - Microbiology

Anatomy GMC

Anatomy Zone

AP Bull Chemistry

ausetute - Chemistry

Steven Autieri - Microbiology (includes numbered series of long-form lectures)


Adam Beatty - Mathematics, Thermodynamics

Lucille Benedict - Chemistry

Adam Bergeron - Biochemistry

Berkeley Lab - Short Speeches (many topics)

Best Documentaries - Miscellaneous

Suman Bhattacharjee - Biology, Chemistry

Beverly Biology - Biochemistry, Genetics

Biochemistry Purdue - Biochemistry

Biochemistry Rocks - Biochemistry

Biochem JM - Biochemistry

Bio Comp Pictures

Bio Informatics Tutorials - Genetics

Biology 101 - Biology, Genetics

Biology 102 - Genetics

Biology 103 - Microbiology

Biology Basics - Biochemistry, Biology

Biology Courses - Biology, Microbiology (includes lab techniques)

Biology Exams 4 U - Biology, Genetics

Biology / Medicine Animations HD

Biology Professor

Biology Rangitoto - Biology, Genetics

Biomedical Movies - Biology

BioNetwork - Genetics Lab Proceedures

Bio Prof Az - Microbiology (including lab techniques)

BioRad Life Science - Biotechnology

Bio Tech Guru - Biochemistry

Bio Techniques - Lab Techniques

Biotech Review - Biochemistry, Chemistry (short animations)

Mike Birkhead -Biochemistry, Medicine

Blackburn College Chemistry

Bleier Biology

Bluecoat Chemistry - Chemistry

Blumenstiel Genetics - Genetics

Gilles Bolduc - Biochemistry, Microbiology

Dan Boniciolli - Chemistry

Boomerchemistry -

Boyne at Bradford - Biochemistry, Genetics (includes full-length lectures)

Bozeman Science - Biology, Chemistry

Chastity Bradford - Biology (including numbered series)

bradyexplains - Chemistry

Wayne Breslyn - Chemistry

Brightstorm - Chemistry, Math, Science

Amanda Brindley - Chemistry

Broad Institute - Genetics

BSC Cell - Biochemistry, Genetics

BU Chem - Chemistry

Bob Burk - Chemistry

Burke Biology - Biochemistry

Butte Science - Chemistry (Including lab techniques)

Bytesize Science - Chemistry


California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology

Johnny Cantrell - Chemistry

Capilano U Chem Lab - Chemistry (including lab techniques)

Thanos Capsalis - Biology (short animations)

Carolina Biological

Case Western Reserve University

Stephanie Castle - Biochemistry, Cell Biology

Catalyst University - Biochemistry (including numbered series)

Peter Cavnar - Biochemistry (including numbered lesson series)

Cell Applications - Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Genetics (including lab techniques for cell cultures)

Cell Signaling Technology Inc.

M Champagne - Biochemistry

John Chapman - Biology, Microbiology

Chem 101 BSU - Chemistry (including lab techniques)

Chem 2050 - Chemistry Lab Techniques

Chem 2 Farr

Chem Flicks

Chem Guy -

Chemical Heritage Foundation - Also has a web site.

ChemieRUB - Chemistry (Numbered lecture series on organic synthesis)

Chemist NATE

Chemistry Class - Chemistry (Includes numbered series of full-length lectures)

Chemistry Connected - Chemistry

Chemistry with Dr H - Chemistry

Chemistry Regents Video Tutor - Chemistry

Chemistry Russell - Chemistry

The Chemistry SolutionChem Survival

Chemistry U T Austin

Chemistry With Dr. Smith - Chemistry (Includes numbered full lecture series)

Chemistry World UK - Chemistry

Chem Simoneau - Chemistry (includes thermodynamics and numbered series)

Chem Tano - Chemistry

ChemTubeUK - Chemistry

Mike Christiansen - Chemistry

Ray Cinti - Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Genetics

Mark Clemente

Clutch Prep - Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Mathematics, Physics (Very large selection)


Johnny Clore - Genetics

CNU Biochemistry - Biochemistry

The College Gateway - Chemistry

Phillip Cook - Chemistry

Janet Coonce

Course Grinder - Chemistry, Mathematics, Programming

Crash Course - Biology, Chemistry, and Others


Tuan Dang - Chemistry Animations (very short)

Davis Chem - Chemistry

Jean Davis - Chemistry

Tyler DeWitt - Chemistry

Kevin Dirksen - Chemistry (includes numbered series of short topics)

DNA Learning Center

Documentary Tube - Many Topics

DodgeMCAT - Chemistry

Dove Biology - Biology, Environmental

Down Zero - Biochemistry Animations (including numbered series)


DUE Media Services at UC Irvine

Duke University Open Chemistry - Chemistry

Tod Duncan - Microbiology, Genetics


Eagles Biology - Biology, Chemistry

Educator.Com - Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics (Including numbered lesson series)

Edvotek - Biochemistry (lab protocol demonstrations)

eMedTV - Medicine

Encyclopaedia Britannica

EnderlePhD - Chemistry

Engineer 4 Free - Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics

Engineer Clearly - Biology, Chemistry, Statistics

Eric's Medical Lectures

Michael Evans - Biochemistry, Chemistry (includes numbered series)

Exam Fear - Chemistry (includes numbered series)



Fairfax Biology - Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Genetics

Farnborough Chemistry - Chemistry (including lab techniques)


FCPSjrswtitzer - Biology, Genetics, Medicine

David Finkel - Calculus, Organic Chemistry

Leah Fisch - Chemistry

Fishers Biology - Biology

Fisher Science Education - Biochemistry lab techniques, esp. gel electrophoesis)

Flinn Scientific - Chemistry (includes lab techniques and demonstrations)

Flipped Learning - Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics

Mr. Ford's Class - Anatomy & Physiology

Frankly Chemistry

Free Education My Arse - Chemistry

freelanceteach - Chemistry

Jon Freer

Mr. Friday's Channel - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

Fundamentals of Biochemistry

Fus Chemistry - Chemistry (including numbered series)

The Fuse School - Global Education - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics


Sue Gamel-McCormick - Pharmacology, Physiology

Mark Garcia - Biochemistry

Garland Science - Biochemistry, Biology

Ben Garside - Biochemistry (including numbered series of long-form lessons)

Allen Gathman - Genetics

GE Healthcare Life Sciences - Biochemistry (including lab techniques)

Gen Chem Concepts

Genentech - Pharmaceutical Industry

Genomic Lectures - Genetics (series of 10 lectures)

Get Chemistry Help - Chemistry

Kevin Glass - Genetics

Melissa Golden - Chemistry (including numbered series)

The Great Courses

Great Pacific Media - Biology

Kristina Gremsky - Biology, Environment (numbered series)

Group 13 - Chemistry


Linda Hansen - Chemistry

Harvard Medical School - Medicine

Harvard University

C.R. Harrison - Chemistry (Including lab techniques)

Armando Hasudungan -

Kate Hayden - Biochemistry (including numbered series)

Hayescience - Biology

Health Medicine & Disease - Anatomy and Physiology,

Susanna Heinze - Biology, Microbiology

Paul G. Hewitt - Physics

HHMI Biointerative - Many topics

Ed Himelblau  - Biology

Benjamin Himme - Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology

T Holbrook - Biochemistry, Chemistry, Genetics (includes numbered series)

Aubrie Holman - Biology, Genetics, Mathematics

How Stuff Works

Roxi Hulet - Chemisty

Human Anatomy Education

HSC Help - Biology, Chemistry

HumBio Core - Biochemistry - Also has

Hybrid Medical


iBio Education


I Get Chem

Igines - Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, Incl Lab Techniques

Iken Edu - Biology, Physics, Soil

Imperial College London

Innova Biosciences - Lab Teechniques

Insight Media


Interactive Biology - Biology

Isaacs Teach - Chemistry (includes numbered series)




Jam Mar MMX - GCSE Revision

Jan Jensen / University of Copenhagen - Chemsitry, thermodynamics

Walter Jahn - Biology, Environment, Genetics (includes short animations)

JCC CEM 141 - Chemistry

Matthew B. Jensen - Neurology

JFR Chemistry

J Lamb Bio - Biology, Chemistry

David Johnson, Phd - Biochemistry

Graham Johnson - Biochemistry animations

Melissa Johnson - Anatomy and Physiology

Mark Jolley - Microbiology

Mike Sugiyama Jones - Chemistry

David Johnson PhD - Proteins

Jumeirah College Science - Chemistry, Physics


K Class Science Channel - Many topics

Larry Keely - Biochemistry, Insect Physiology

Shaun Kelly - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics (full course series')

Kent Chemistry

Jeff Keyte - Anatomy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Medicine

Khan Academy - Organic Chemistry

Cason King - Biochemistry Animations

Dean Kinkoph - Chemistry Vance Kite - Biology, Environmental, Genetics

Ron Kinser - Biology

Peter Kappa - Biochemistry (mostly enzymes)

Dr. Klioze - Biochemistry

Mike Klymkowsky - Biochemistry

Knowbee - Chemistry

Meredith Koester - Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics

Tracy Kovach - Medicine

Dr. David Kreller Chemistry - Chemistry

Kendrick Krouse - Mathematics

Kwesiamoa - Chemistry


Lab 207 ./ Vance Kite - Biochemistry, Biology

Lab Tricks

Lawrence Hell Of Science - CHEM Study (very old  chemistry lessons from the 1980s)

Learn Biologically - Biology

Learn Chem E - Chemical Engineering, Thermodynamics

Learn Math Tutorials - Mathematics

Lecturio Medical Education Videos - Medicine

Let's Learn Science - Biology, Chemistry

LiveLab Network - Technology and society

Loomis Chaffee Microbiology / Molecular Biology

Luminol Synthesis - Chemistry

Adam Lundquist - Chemistry


Ma Chem Guy - Chemistry

The Mad Scientist - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

Mollie Manier - Genetics (numbered series of full-length lectures)

Marchand Biology - Anatomy and Physiology, Biology

Mark Microbiology - Medical Microbiology (including lab techniques)

Bryce Marquis - Chemistry

Master Organic Chemistry - Chemistry

Master The Content - Chemistry (including numbered series of lessons)

Materials Concepts - Chemistry

Math Is A Sport - Mathematics

Math Meeting - Mathematics

JP McCormick / Quick Orgo - Chemistry

Mechanisms In Medicine - Medicine Animations

Medical Terminology - Anatomy & Physiology

Medic Tutorials - Anatomy & Physiology

Menteon Learning - Biochemistry, Biology

Michael Mayer - Biochemistry, Chemistry

Jeremy McCallum - Chemistry

Mechanisms in Medicine

Med Cram Videos

Yair Meiry - Biophysics (full 25 part lecture series)

Merit Nation - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

Micro-Bio 225 - Microbiology

Microbiology Basics - Miscrobiologyy

Microbiotic - Biology Animations

Daniel Miller - Biochemistry

Troy Milliken - Chemistry (numbered lecture series)

Mitedustar - Genetics

MIT Open Courseware - Many full lecture series

Mnemoic Master - Microbiology, Pharmacology

MoleClues - Biochemistry, Chemistry

Molecular Biology Explained - Biochemistry, Genetics

Moof University - Biochemistry

Moore Chemistry

Jeffrey Moore - Biochemistry, Chemistry, Genetics

MPN Organic - Chemistry (includes lab techniques)

Mr. Causey's Video Chemistry - Chemistry, Mathematics

Mr D Bio CFC - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemisty, Ecology, Genetics

Mr. Grodski Chemistry - Chemistry

MrsBPiscitelli - Chemistry (includes numbered series of lessons)

Mrs Julian Chem - Chemistry

Ms Cooper's IGCSE Cambridge Biology - Biology

mtchemers - Chemistry

Rehan Muhanned - Biochemistry

Aaron Mullally - Anatomy & Physiology

John Munro - Biology

My A Level Biology - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

MyCMTS CCI - Biology, Chemistry

My GCSE Science

Bob Myers - Anatomy & Physiology


Dr. Najeeb Lectures - Medicine

NanoBio Node

Nano Hub Talks - Chemistry, Nano, Physics - Also has a Web Site

That Nanoscience Guy - Crystalography

nassaucosta - Anatomy & Physiology

National Center for Biotechnology Information - DNA, RNA, and protein sequence databases and ducational materials, including tutorials for using their website.

National Institutes of Health

Nature - Biology / Medical Animations

Nature Video

NDSU Virtual Cell

Maryellen Nerz-Strormes - Chemistry

The New Boston - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Programming (includes numbered series)

New England Biolabs - Biotechnology

Todd Nickle - Genetics


Nikolay's Genetics Lessons - Genetics

Roger Nixon - Chemistry

NJC Biology


NPTEL - Biochemistry, Chemistry

Nucleus Medical Media

NurdRage - DIY Chemistry


O Chem Prep - Chemistry

O Chemistree - Chemistry

OnkoView - Biochemistry (cancer mechanisms)

Open Michigan / University Of Michigan - Mathematics, Medicine

Oregon State University - Chemistry (use search box)

Oregon State University Chemistry -

William Orfanos - Biochemistry Animations

The Organic Chemistry Tutor - Chemistry

Josh Osbourne - Chemistry (includes series on IR spectroscopy)

Kenneth Overly - Chemistry

Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press)

Oxford Biomedical Research Centre - Various topics


Dr. Anil Palve Academy - Chemistry

Walt Pasciak - Nuclear Physics

Noel Pauller - Chemistry

Mark Pallen - Biology, Genetics, Microbiology - (Long Form Lectures)

Pharmapedia - Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmacology

Penguin Prof Channel - Biology

Periodic Videos

Greg Petersen - Biochemistry

Dr Physics A -

The Posit Society -

Michael Post - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

Dr. G. Bhanu Prakash - Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology

Prep 4 Step - Medicine

Owen Priest - Chemistry (analytical course series)

Dr. Prodigious - Medicine

Prof Amman - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics (Includes some short-form and some long-form lectures)

Professor Dave Explains - Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (including numbered short-form lessons)

Professor Fink - Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry

Prof Rob Bob - Mathematics

ProfessorAbud - Chemistry

Professor Heath's Chemistry Channel

Pro Joe Biochem - Biochemistry (including numbered series)

Promega Corporation - Biochemistry, Genetics

Proneural - Biology

Protein Lounge - Biochemistry animations

Protocol Exchange - Biochemistry, Biology (includes lab techniques)


Queen Nerdling - Many topics


Anu Radha - Medicine

Jasmine Rana - Biochemistry

Rapid Learning Center - Many Topics

Ratliff Chemistry - Chemistry (includes numbered series of full-length lectures)

Najem Rayes - Biochemistry, Biology animations


Reactions / Everyday Chemistry - ACS

David Read - Chemistry (including lab techniques)

remyfl - Biology (mostly short animations)

Respect Chemistry

Ricochet Science

Guy Riefler - Fluid Mechanics (numbered series)

Ajna Rivera - Genetics (includes numbered series)

Rockets General Bio

Room F 203 - Chemistry

Mark Rosengarten - Chemistry (includes numbered series)

Brandon Rosenstrauch - Anatomy, Biochemistry

The Royal Institution

The Royal Society

Royal Society of Chemistry

RSCteacherfellows - Chemistry Lab Techniques


Ahmed Sadek - Chemistry (Including full numbered lecture series on Instrumental Analysis)

The Salmonella Place - Medicine

Arthur Salomon - Biochemistry animations

Herbert Sauro - Genetics

Roger Sauterer - Biochemistry (includes full-length lectures)

Craig Savage - Biology, Botany, Genetics

SBs Tutoring Videos - Biochemistry

SciCookX - Chemistry of Food

The Science Channel - Astronomy

The Science Classroom - Chemistry, Physics

Science Post - Chemistry, Physics

Sci Show

Science Prof Online - Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology

Sci Vis Lab - Chemistry, Microbiology (Including lab techniques)

The School Of Life - Philosphy

Ken Scognamiglio

Steve Schneid - Biochemistry

Scyther - Biochemistry, Genetics, Virology

Steve Seddon - Biochemistry, Genetics

SERVA - Biochemistry (manufacturer of electrophoresis equipment, dicussing lab techniques)

The Shelly Learned - Biology, Genetics

Mr. Simple Science

Simple Science Answers - Biochemistry and Physiology

Jack Slater - Biochemistry, Genetics

SMH Chemistry - Chemistry (analytical, including numbered series)

Collen Smith - Biochemistry (a few lessons on lipid metabolism)

Mark Smith - Anatomy & Physiology (lecture series)

SoKan - Biology, Chemistry

Spowell306 - Chemistry

staceychemprof - Chemistry

Stanford University

Stan's Academy Of Chemistry

Kenneth Stedman - Genetics, Virology (Full length, numbered lecture series)

MP Stein - Cell Biology

Streaming Tutors - Biochemistry, Chemistry

Strong Medicine - Medicine, Microbiology

Chris Sullivan - Anatomy & Physiology (including numbered series)

Eileen Sullivan - Chemistry (including numbered series)

Super Chem Lady

Tony Swafford - Biology


Tafe Biology - Biology, Genetics, Mathematics

TalkBoard.Com.Au - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

TED - Miscellaneous

TED Education - Miscellaneous

TEDx - Miscellaneous

That Chem Guy - Chemistry

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Manufacturer of products for Biochemistry, Genetics

The Shelly Learned - Biology, Forensics, Genetics

ThinkwellVids - Chemistry, Mathematics

Richard Thornley - Chemistry

TMP Chem - Chemistry (Physical, Thermodynamics)

Kevin Tokoph - Biochemistry (including pathways)

Mr. Toporowski's Science Channel - Chemistry, Physics

Tox Cafe - Cellular Biology Animations

Patrick Tracy - Microbiology (includes lab techniques)

TRU Chem Online - Chemistry (includes lab techniques)


UC Berkeley

UC Davis Academics - Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Other topics

UC IrvineOCW

UCLA Physics

UF Teaching Center

U of L Physio - Physiology

UMN Organic Chemistry - Chemistry (including lab techniques)

UNB Chem 101 - Chemistry

University of California TV

University Of Rochester - Introductory Biochemistry Bio250H - Biochemistry

University of Texas at Austin - College of Natural Sciences - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

University of Toronto Scarborough

U of U Chemistry

University of Western Sydney / Mark Temple - Biology

Useful Genetics - Genetics (Full course lecture series from University of British Columbia)

USMLE Pass Program - Medicine

UVU Professor - Biology


Michal van Biezen - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

Gerard Vargas - Cellular Biology

verachoe - Chemistry

Cynthia Vitale - Biology

VL Studios - Physiology

Lisa Volkening

N Volkmann - Chemistry

Volk Science - Chemistry



Kamal Wafi - Physics

Jason Walker - Biology, Ecology (includes number series of 20 minute lectures)

Walter + Eliza Hall Institute - Genetics, Medicine (full-length lectures on many topics)

Weizmann Institute of Science - Biology

weiner7000 - Chemistry

Simon Wells - Microbiology (includes lab techniques)

Katherine Welzenbach - Chemistry (calculations)

What A School - Pharmacolgy (numbered videos)

Chuck Wight - Chemistry

Winona State University - Biochem 405 - 408 (includes numbered series)

Andrew Wolf - Medicine, Pathophysiology, Physiology

Wolf Ex Sci Lahart - Biochemstry animations

Frank Wong / Orgo Made Easy - Organic Chemistry


Xerox2077 - Biochemistry animations

XVIVO Scientific Animation - Biology


Yale Courses

Paul Young - Chemistry (Includes short general chemistry videos and a numbered series of full length lectures on organic)

You Chem Tutorials

Other Videos

Academic Earth

Agilent Technologies - Biotechnology

AK Lectures

Alila Medical Media - Biology, Genetics

American Society for Cell Biology - Webinars


Bench Fly - Laboratory Protocols

Biology Animations - Biology

Bozeman Science

BrightStorm - Biology, Mathematics

Broad Institute - Genetics


Carolina - Lab Techniques

Chem Tube 3D



Division By Zero - Mathematics (lectures)

DNA Tube

Dr. Prodigious - Anatomy & Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology



Forum Network

Free Science Lectures - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Others


Get Chemistry Help - Chemistry

Glossary of Organic Chemistry


Harvard University Biovisions - Biology

Howard Hughs Medical Institute - Biology, Medicine



Insight Medical - Medicine (Registration is free)




Trevor Kitson's ShowMe Videos - Chemistry

John Kyrk - Cell Biology Animation


Learn Chem E - Chemical Engineering, Thermodynamics

Learn Out Loud - Many Topics

Learners TV - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, others (includes numbered series of full-length lectures)

The Medical Biochemistry Page

Microbiology Animations

Micro E Guide - Microbiology Lab Skills

Microscopy U - Microscopy

Molecular Movies - Animations


National Institutes of Health

New England BioLabs - Biotechnology

New York University - Open courses, including full length lectures


Open Culture

Organometallic HyperTextBook - Chemistry


PHG Foundation - Genetics (interactive tutorials)

Physics-Animations.Com - Physics

Protein Lounge - Biochemistry animations






SciVee - Misc.

Shomu's Biology


Summana's - Molecular Biology animations

Study.Com - Biology, Microbiology, and others - requires paid subscription


TEDMED - Many subjects


UC Berkeley - Archive.Org Section

UC Berkeley - EdX Section

Udemy - Many Subjects (includes numbered series) Requires payment.

UltraSlo - Slow-motion videos, including on science topics.

University of California TV

Untamed Science - Biology, Chemistry


VCU - Secrets Of The Sequence - Genetics

Virtual Amrita Laboratories - Universalising Eduction - Biotechniology (including Lab Techniques)

Vimeo - Many topics (similar to YouTube)

Virtual Cell Animation Collection - Cellular Biology


Walter + Eliza Hall Institute - Genetics, Medicine

Web Of Stories - Biographical Interviews with scientists


XVIVO Scientific Animation

Yovisto - Academic Video Search - Many topics

Reference Web Sites

0Calc - Scientific Calculator


ATDBio - eBook on chemistry and structure of nucleic acids

AlgaeBase - Algae


Atlas of Macromolecules - Biochemistry


Avagodro - "Molecular Editor And Visualiser"

B - Biochemistry Blog

Biochemistry Den - Lab Techniques

Bio Compare - Biotechnology

Biochemistry For Medics - eBook

Biodiversity Heritage Library - Biology, Microbiology

Biology Forums -Biology

Biology Junction (includes Class Notes) - Biology

Biology Pictures - Biology, Microbiology

The Biology Project / University of Arizona - Biochemistry, Biology - Extensive learning guide - Various JMol and JSmol presentations (Best with Firefox browser)

Biomolecules Tutorials - University of Wisconsin - Biochemistry

BioTechniques - Molecular Biology Discussion Forum

BioWiki - UC Davis.

Bite Size Bio - Biology News, Lab Techniques

Book Boon - Free open-source textbooks

Boomer - Pharmacology

Boundless - Biochemistry, Chemistry (includes e-textbook)


Cell Image Library -

Wendy Chao - Laboratory Protocols

Chem Apps - Allows insertion of Jmol model into other Web pages

Chem Buddy (Calculations)

Chem Collective - Chemistry

Chem Ad DL / Chemical Education Digital Library -

ChemFestia - Chemistry (includes study worksheets)

ChemGaPedia - Biochemistry, Chemistry - Owned by Wiley

Chem Guide

Chem Helper - Chemistry

Chemical Forums - Chemistry

Chemistry Explained - Chemistry

Chemistry For Biologists - Biochemistry (section on RSC.Org)

Chemistry Of Life - Biochemistry, Genetics

Chemistry Views - Chemistry

Chem Jobber - Blog about chemistry job maket

Chem Sub Online - Database of chemical structures.

Chem Team

Chem Teach - University Of Canterbury

Chem Toddler - Chemistry


Chem Wiki

Chiral Publishing - Chemistry (inlcuding downloadable eBook)

Bevery Clendening / Hofstra University - Molecular biology lab protocols

Cold Spring Harbor Protocols - Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Coranti - In The Pipeline - Chemistry blog

Crystal Maker Software - Offers a free viewer and library of crystal structures, including proteins.


Davidson College - Genomics (including biocheistry lab techniques)

Descriptions of Plant Viruses - Botany, Microbiology

DigiSchool - Many subjects (also here)

Direct Textbook - Price comparison search engine.

DNA Learning Center - Genetics - Run by cold Spring horbor Laboratory. Also features DNA Interactive and DNA From The Beginning.

Doc Brown - Chemistry Calulations

The Dose Makes The Poison - Toxicology Blog

Dr. Fungus - Mycology


E. Coli Wiki - E. Coli

Ed Informatics Interactive Library

E Lab Protocols - Biochemistry, Biotechnology (includes lab techniques)

Electro Analytical Chemistry - Michigan State U lecture slides

Encor Biotechnology - Lab protocols

Encyclopedia.Com -

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences - Part of the Wiley Online Library

Essential Thermodynamics For (Bio)Chemists - SPOOC / eBook / Lectures / Slides

Explaining Maths - Mathematics (also has a YouTube channel)


Free Book Centre - Searchable database of online ebooks, many is PDF format, on many topics


Gene Cards - Human Gene Database

Gene Ed - Genetics (section on

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News -

Gene Quantification - Genetics


Hypertexts For Biomedical Sciences - (Colorado State University) - Biochemistry, Genetics, Pathophysiology


Images Of Elements - Chemistry

Inner Body


JRank Secience Encyclopedia - Many topics


Kent Chemistry

Kimball's Biology Pages - Alternate URLs here and here. - Biology, Genetics

Knowledge Door - Virtual periodic table.


Labome - Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Microbiology (includes laboratory methods and materials)

LIFE - Leading International Fungal Education - Microbiology


Major Differences - Biology, Botany, Chemistry

Manuals Directory - Copies of user's manuals for various equipment.

Master Organic Chemistry - Chemistry Blog (with reaction mechanisms)

Math Skills Review - Chemistry, Mathematics

MBI - MechanoBiology Institute of Singapore - Cell Biology (also has a YouTube Channel)

Med Chem Blog - Chemistry, Lab Techniques

MedLine Plus Medical Encyclopedia -

The Medical Biochemistry Page -

Method Book - Lab Techniques

MHChem - Mount Hood Community College - (Full course materials)

Microbe Library (American Society for Microbiology) - Microbiology (includes lab protocols)

Microbe Online - Medical Microbiology

Microbe Wiki

Microbe World - Microbiology

Microbial World - University of Edinburgh - Mycoology

The Microbial World - University of Wisconsin

Microbiology and Immunology On-line - University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Microbiology Online - Society for General Microbiology - Microbiology

MicroBugz - Austin Community College - Microbiology course matierials

Microscopy U -

Molecular Info - Biochemistry, Genetics (inludes ("Methods and Techniques" section)

MoleViz / U Mass DNA / RasMol / Proteo /Biochemistry (Interactive Visualisations, Jmol, JSmol)

MOOC List - Search engine. Many topics.

Mycology Online - University of Adelaide - Microbiology

Mycotopea - Mycology forum, including foraging

MykoWeb - Mushrooms And Other Fungi


National Science Digital Library - Many topics

NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information - Biotechnology (US NIH)

New Brunswick Museum - Mycology Pages - Mycology


OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man - Genetics

Open Course Library - Many topics

Open Learn - The Open University - Many topics.

Open Library - Includes free lending of ebooks on many topics.

Open Michigan - University of Michigan - OpenCourseWare type resources - Many topics.

OpenStax CNX - Includes free textbooks.

OpenStax College - Various learning materials on many topics

Open Wetware - Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics (wiki style)

Organic Chemistry Portal - Chemistry

Organic Synthesis - Chemistry

Orgo Made Easy - Chemistry

OU Open Education - Includes ebooks on biochemical lab techniques, thermodynamics, and statistics

Oxford Genetics - Molecular biology lab protocols


Periodic Table

Periodic Table of the Elements, Calculators, and Printable Materials

Pharmacology 2000 - Pharmacology online textbook with test questions and some audio lectures

PhET Interactive Simulations

PHG Foundation - Interactive Tutorials - DNA Analysis


Protocol Online - Lab Techniques

Protocols Online - Lab Techniques

PubMed - Biomedical Literature

Purdue Chemistry Help - Chemistry


Rapid Tables - Mathematics

RCSB Protein Data Bank

RCSB PRotein Data Bank - PDB 101

Reactome - Pathways Database

Reciprical Net - Crystalography Database

Royal Society - Learn Chemistry - Chemistry


Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) - DNA Database

Sciblogs -

Science Notes - Printable periodic tables and other chemistry reference sheets

Science Prof Online - Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology (inlcudes virtual lecture courses)

Slide Share - Many Topics

SOS Math - Mathematics

Springer Protocols - Lab Techniques

Stack Exchange - Biology Forum

Stack Exchange - Chemistry Forum

Structural Biochemistry - Wiki Book

Study Blue - Many subjects. Enables generation of flashcards for phones.


Thermopedia - Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Mechanics

Todar's Textbook Of Bacteriology - Microbiology

Tree Of Life Web Project - Biology, Botany, Microbiology

Tufts OpenCourseWare - Many topics


UniProt - Biochemistry

Up To Date - Medicine (basic "Patient / Caregiver" information available for free)


Virology - Biology W3310.001 or W4310.001 at Columbia University - Full set of numbered lecture recordings and PDFs of slides (also available at Vincent Racaniello on YouTube)


Web MO - Computational chemistry interface

Web QC - Chemsitry

What-When-How - Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Many Others

WikiBooks - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Many other topics

WikiBooks - Principles Of Biochemistry -

WikiGenes - Biochemistry, Genetics

Wikipedia Category: Lab Techniques - Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

WikiVersity - Many topics.

Wiley Online Library - Journals, etc.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram MathWorld - Mathematics

World Of Molecules

Universities and Professional Bodies


Add Gene - Nonprofit plasmid directory

Add Gene Tools, References, and Lab Protocols - Biochemistry, Genetics

AES Electrophoresis Society - Biochemistry (includes articles on lab protocols)

American Chemical Society

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology -

American Society for Cell Biology

American Society for Microbiology

Association of Applied Biologists - Biology

Association for Women in the Sciences - NZ


Biochemical Society Blog

BIOS 100 at University of Illinois at Chicago - Includes lecture materials and readings

Bio-Protection New Zealand -

Biotechnology Industry Organization -

British Toxicology Society


Centers for Disease Control - US Gov.

Chemical Abstracts Service - A Division Of American Chemical Society

Chemical Heritage Foundation




Foothill College - Kathleen Armstrong, Chemistry - Includes lecture notes and slides




IUPAC - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUPAC - Gold Book - Compendium of Chemical Terminology

IUPAC Stereochemical Diagram Conventions


Janux - University of Oklahoma - (Also has a Youtube channel)



Let's Talk Chemistry - NZIC / Caterbury University - Ebook for first year students

LPSN - Database of prokaryote official species names - Microbiology


Maurice Wilkins Centre

Microbial  Life Educational Resources - Carleton University - Microbiology


New Zealand Association of Scientists -

National Center for Biotechnology Information - DNA Databases and Educational Materials

New Zealand Institute of Chemistry -

New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science -

New Zealand Microbiol Ecology Consortium - Microbiology

New Zealand Microbiological Society

New Zealand Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

NIH - US National Library of Medicine -


Open University - Many topics, includes free material.

Oregon State Open Textbooks - Biology, Ecology, Microbiology, Mathematics


Purdue Chemistry Department

Purdue University - Chemical Education Division


Queenstown Research Week -


Rosalind Franklin Society - Women in Science

Gareth J. Rowlands

The Royal Society - London

The Royal Society of Chemistry - Includes Learn Chemistry and SpectraSchool -

The Royal Society of New Zealand


Society for General Microbiology - Microbiogy

Student Council Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State University (Includes free book downloads)


Tox Town - Toxicology - NIH


University of Sydney - Biology Study Resources - Biology, Mycology

Utah State OpenCourseWare

- Many topics.


Virtual Interactive Bacteriology Laboratory - Michigan State University - Microbiology


Wellington City Library - Downloadable eBooks,  Audio Books, and Databases

WISC-Online - Many subjects.


Massey University

Career And Employment Service

Chemistry Papers List - Manuatu

Hendrickson Lab - Microbiology

Institute of Fundamental Sciences -

IFS BioMedical Research -

IFS Chemistry and Biophysics -

Library Chemistry And Physics Subject Guide -

Maths First

Bachelor of Science Microbiology Undergraduate Handbook  -
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